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We meet weekly at Pathfinder Church in Ellisville. We meet each Tuesday at noon. The church is located at 15800 Manchester Road in Ellisville, Missouri, 63011. If there is a fifth Tuesday in the month, we meet at an alternate location for lunch. (The Rotary Club of West St. Louis County is not affiliated with any religious or political organization.)

Rotary Club of West St. Louis County
P.O. Box 1431
Ballwin, MO 63022
Telephone: 636-227-4242
Be advised - our Telephone number actually rings at the office of Greg Beasley of State Farm Insurance in Ballwin. Greg, a Board Member and former Past President of the Rotary Club of West St. Louis County has graciously agreed to provide his contact information for us, so if you need to talk to a Rotary Club member to answer an immediate question call
636-227-4242 and ask for Greg. Otherwise, just use the contact form to the right and email us, or click on the email link below.


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